Whiskey In The Jar - Various Artists [CD]

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1. Whiskey in the Jar. Patsy Watchorn (The Dubliners) 
2. The Black Velvet Band. Ronnie Drew (The Dubliners) 
3. The Monto / Biddy Mulligan. The Jollybeggarmen 
4. The Galway Girl. The Kilkennys 
5. Molly Malone. (In Dublins Fair City) The Dubliners. 
6. Four Green Fields. The Dublin City Ramblers 
7. From Clare to Here. Jim McCann 
8. The Molly Maguires. Te Jollybeggarmen 
9. Rglan Road. Fair Isle Folk. 
10. The Rare Old Times. Patsy Watchorn. The Dubliners) 
11. The Golden Jubilee. Chris Ball 
12. Carrickfergus. Barleycorn. 
13. The Rooster. Fair Isle Folk. 
14. Come Back Paddy Reilly. Derek Mc Cormack. 
15. The Water is Wide. Fair Isle Folk. 
16. The Hills of Connemara. Patsy Watchorn (The Dubliners) 
17. The Banks of the Roses. The Jollybeggarmen 
18. Right All Right. Fair Isle Folk. 
19. The Fields of Athenry. Paddy Reilly 
20. Rose of Mooncoin/ My Wild Irish Rose/ My Lovely Rose of Clare. The Castleglen Singers 
21. The Old Triangle. Patsy Watchorn (The Dubliners)
22. Pub Song Medley. (The Irish Rover, Muisheen Durkin, Whiskey in the Jar, Rare old Mountain Dew, The Little eggarman, Waxies Dargle, I'll Tell me Ma, The Holy Ground). Patsy Watchorn (The Duliners)

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