Travelling Shoes - Robert Mizzell [CD]

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Featuring his recent single “Travelling Shoes” and the radio hits “John Deere Beer” and “Gone Gone Gone“. Also included is “She’s on the Way”, the first song written and recorded by Robert and is dedicated to his wife and his new baby girl Maisey. Robert has also re-recorded a poignant ballad version of his hit song “Mama Courtney”, which tells the story of his upbringing in Louisiana by his loving foster parents. 
In Roberts own words “For this album I wanted to do a Country album that was just that - Country! The songs I’ve chosen I think are a good mix that will hopefully keep you entertained both on the airwaves and on the dance floor! A special thank you to Wayne Thorose whose production brought out the quality and passion that will make this album my best to date!” 

1. Travelling Shoes 
2. She’s On The Way 
3. BorrowedAngel
4. Like I Never Loved Before 
5. God Bless The Farmer 
6. He Carried Her Memory 
7. John Deere Beer 
8. City Of Shreveport 
9. Gone, Gone, Gone 
10. Why Me Lord 
11. Day Job 
12. Greystone Chapel 
13. Two Rooms And A Kitchen 
14. Firecracker 
15. Mama Courtney (2016 Ballad Version) 


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