The Stable Sessions - Na Fianna [CD + DVD]

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1. Step it out Mary
2. Rocky Road to Dublin
3. Galway to Graceland
4. Mingulay
5. Drunken Sailor
6. Caledonia
7. Muirsheen Durkin
8. Lakes of Ponchatrain
9. 3 Drunken Maidens
10. Molly Malone

Na Fianna stands for all that is good about Irish music and song. The band began in March 2007 and they quickly built a reputation for energetic and passionate performances on stage. In 2009, Na Fianna entered the All Ireland Talent Show on Ireland’s national television station, RTE. With an average viewing audience of 1 million people, and four live performances Na Fianna became a household name finishing in second place out of 6,000 competitors. The show catapulted them onto both a national and international platform, further increasing their ambition for continued achievement. Over the past eight years Na Fianna have played in many noted venues all over Ireland, Europe and the United States. The band has evolved through the years and now comprises of brothers Ciaran and Hugh Finn, James O’ Connor and Peter McMahon. These young men continue to transcend generational barriers with their unique interpretation of Ireland’s rich heritage through storytelling and song. They are professional, hardworking, highly skilled musicians who stay true to themselves and their heritage. Loyalty to tradition and each other is their forte. This ethos, combined with their exceptional capacity to entertain, has been the catalyst for the continued rise of Na Fianna. “Truth in our hearts, strength in our hands, and fulfilment in our tongues” - Na Fianna.  

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