The Best From Twenty Five Years - Mary Black [Vinyl]

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A special collection celebrating 25 years of some of Mary's best known tracks together for the first time on vinyl. Lyrics are also included inside. 

Disc One - Side One

1. Katie
2.Past The Point of Rescue
3. I Will Be There (featuring Paul Paul Brady
4. Sonny (featuring Emmylou Harris and Dolores Keane
5. Adam At The Window
6. Wonderchild

Disc One - Side Two
1. Bright Blue Rose
2. The Land of Love
3. Song For Ireland
4. By The Time It Gets Dark
5. Babes In The Wood
6. As I leave Behind Neidin

Disc Two - Side One
1. No Frontiers
2. Still Believing
3. Once In A Very Blue Moon
4. Only A Woman's Heart (featuring Eleanor McEvoy)
5. Summer Sent You
6. Don't Say Ok

Disc Two - Side Two
1. Carolina Rua
2. Bless The Road
3. Flesh And Blood
4. Your Love
5. Anachie Gordon

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