The Very Best of Sonny Knowles - Sonny Knowles [CD]

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1. I’ll Take Care of Your Cares 
2. Medley: Three Good Reasons / No One Knows / No One Will Ever Know
3. Roses of Picardy
4. My Child
5. Look Around
6. Medley: Among My Souvenirs / It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie / I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write MySelf A Letter
7. No One Knows ( with Pacific Showband) 
8. When The Snow Is On The Roses
9. You Belong To Me
10. The Only Couple On The Floor
11. When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New
12. No One Will Ever Know (with Pacific Showband) 
13. The World Is Such An Empty Place
14. When I Leave The World Behind
15. We Could (with Pacific Showband) 
16. My Lovely Rose And You

This very special collection celebrates the illustrious career of one of Ireland's best loved entertainers. Includes 'I'll Take Care of Your Cares', 'No One Knows', 'My Child' and 'No One Will Ever Know'.

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