The Love Songs Collection - Sonny Knowles [CD]

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1. Music from Across The Way
2. Can I Forget You 
3. May I Have The Next Dream With You
4. Help Me Make It Through The Night
5. Solitare
6. You Don't Know Me
7. Behind The Tear
8. The Hungry Years 
9. Here Comes My Baby
10. Girls Were Made To Love And Kiss
11. For The Good Times 
12. The Old Fashioned Way
13. Scorn Not His Simplicity
14. Just Out Of Reach Of My Two Empty Arms
15. If We Only Have Love
16. Could You Ever Love Me Again
17. Answers On A Postcard
18. There's A Part of Her Still Holding On
19. Have I Waited To Long
20. Let It Be Me
Bonus Track
Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song (featuring Tony Kenny)

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