Legends of Irish Folk (Paddy Reilly Trilogy) - Paddy Reilly [3CD]

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Disc 1
"The Life of Paddy Reilly" was Paddy’s first album, released on the Dolphin label in 1973. 
1. Spancil Hill  
2. The Coming of the Roads 
3. Sam Hall  
4. Come to the Bower  
5. Deportees 
6. Dollymount Strand 
7. Irish Soldier Boy 
8. Matt Hyland  
9. The Orange and the Green 
10. Jim Larkin  

Disc 2
"The Town I Loved So Well" was released in 1975, following on the success of Paddy's hit single of the same name, and was produced by the late Dermot O'Brien.
1. The Flower of Sweet Strabane  
2. The Cliffs of Dooneen 
3. The Hills of Kerry  
4. The Galway Races  
5. Rathcliff Highway  
6. Come Up the Stairs 
7. The Town I Loved So Well 
8. Arthur McBride  
9. Autumn Has Come 
10. I Once Loved a Lass 
11. Bold Tenant Farmer  
12. Sweet Carnlough Bay 
13. There'll Have to be an End to It Someday 
14. The Moving Along Song 
15. James Connolly  
16. The Lark in the Morning 

Disc 3
1983 saw the release of "The Fields of Athenry" single, which remained in the Irish charts for most of the year. This best-selling album followed later that same year, and was produced and arranged by Eamonn Campbell of the Dubliners. 
1. The Fields of Athenry 
2. Beautiful Dreamer 
3. Farewell to Nova Scotia 
4. Galtee Mountain Boy 
5. Farewell to the Rhonda 
6. John O'Dreams  
7. Scorn Not His Simplicity 
8. The Craic was 90 in the Isle of Man 
9. Dancing at Whitsun 
10. Mulligan and Me 
11. Jim Larkin 
12. A Bunch of Thyme 

This unique 3CD collection features three original albums, all milestones in the career of Ireland's greatest balladeer. Features The Fields of Athenry, The Town I Loved So Well, A Bunch of Thyme, The Cliffs of Dooneen, The Craic was 90, and many more.

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