Essential Irish Folk - Various Artists [2CD]

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Disc 1

  1. The Humour Is On Me Now - Ronnie Drew (The Dubliners)
  2. My Own Dear Galway Bay - Dolores Keane
  3. Duo In G - De Danann
  4. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - Liam Clancy
  5. Farewell To Nova Scotia - Paddy Reilly
  6. This Love Will Carry - Frances Black
  7. Chandler Shop - The Jollybeggarmen
  8. Copper Kettle - Jim McCann
  9. Three Score And Ten - Johnny McEvoy
  10. Planxty Irwin - Christy Sheridan
  11. Paddy Lie Back - The Dublin City Ramblers
  12. What A Time - The Black Brothers
  13. Go Lassie Go - The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem


Disc 2

  1. After The Ball - Frances Black
  2. The Life of A Rover - Patsy Watchorn (The Dubliners)
  3. Diglake Fields - Dolores Keane and Mary Black with De Danann
  4. The Black Velvet Band - Ronnie Drew (The Dubliners)
  5. Sí Beag 'Sí Mór - Christy Sheridan
  6. New York Girls - Finbar Furey
  7. Ríl An Spidéal - De Danann
  8. John O’Dreams - Niamh Parsons with Arcady
  9. I Live Not Where I Love - The Furey Brothers and Davey Arthur
  10. Colcannon - The Black Family
  11. O'Carolan's Draught - The Dublin City Ramblers
  12. The Spanish Lady - Patsy Watchorn (The Dubliners)
  13. Here’s To You - The Black Family

Many of Ireland’s legendary folk singers and musicians are featured on this collection. They include Dolores Keane, De Danann, The Black Family, The Furey Brothers & Davey Arthur and Liam Clancy. Also included are Ronnie Drew, Jim McCann, Patsy Watchorn - all former members of The Dubliners.

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