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Ireland has a long established international reputation for producing a wealth of uniquely talented female musicians and singers. Very few can compare with Galway's own Dolores Keane, who's rare, powerful, and melodic vocal style has received major acclaim at home and abroad.

This vinyl collection features a specially curated selection of recordings from Dolores' extensive repertoire and highlights her musical journey from traditional to a more contemporary style.

To celebrate her 70th birthday Dolores has released a new song of resilience, redemption, and hope. My Refuge, written by Galway singer, songwriter, and poet Johnny Broderick, is very much her own life story in song. Her recent success in the charts emphasises yet again her popularity, her longevity, and the great affection the public have for her.

"I know the people love me and that has kept me strong.
But it's not about me anyway, for the hope is in the song."

Dolphin Records are privileged and proud to release this vinyl to coincide with the celebration of Dolores Keane's 70th birthday.

LP 1 Side 1

1. Caledonia - Dolores Keane

2. Down By The Salley Gardens - Dolores Keane with The Irish Film Orchestra

3. My Love Is In America - Dolores Keane & Mick Hanley

4. In A Town This Size - John Prine & Dolores Keane

5. Sweet Forget-Me-Not - De Dannan


LP 1 Side 2

6. Lion In A Cage - Dolores Keane

7. My Own Dear Galway Bay - Dolores Keane

8. Never Be The Sun - Dolores Keane & Emmylou Harris

9. Faraway In Australia - Dolores Keane

10. The Bonny Light Horseman - Dolores Keane & John Faulkner


LP 2 Side 1

1. The Island - Dolores Keane

2. Sonny - Mary Black, Emmylou Harris & Dolores Keane

3. Seven Yellow Gypsies - Dolores Keane

4. Emigrant Eyes - Dolores Keane

5. Teddy O'Neill - De Dannan


LP 2 Side 2

6. Táimse im' Choladh - Dolores Keane

7. Solid Ground - Dolores Keane

8. Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Tommy Sand, Dolores Keane & Vedran Smailovic

9. My Refuge - Dolores Keane

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