A Woman's Heart - 20th Anniversary Collection - Various Artists [CD]

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1. Mountains to the Sea - Mary Black with Imelda May
2. Feet of a Dancer - Maura O'Connell 
3. Love me Please - Frances Black
4. The West’s Awake - Lumiere (with Damien Dempsey) 
5. How’ya Horse - Sharon Shannon 
6. Non Smoking Single Female - Eleanor McEvoy 
7. I Cant Make You Love Me - Mary Coughlan 
8. Fall at your feet - Hermione Hennessy 
9. Galway Bay - Dolores Keane 
10. I've endured - Noriana Kennedy 
11. All the Lies that you told Me - Frances Black 
12. Whatever it Takes - Sinead Lohan 
13. Time - Michelle Ann Kelly 
14. If you Love Me - Maura O'Connell 
15. Top Dog Gaffo - Sharon Shannon 
16. Oh Jealous Heart - Hermione Hennessy 
17. Love must be Tough - Eleanor McEvoy 
18. Mary Mary - Mary Coughlan 
19. Roseville Fair - Gemma Hayes (with Liam Clancy) 
20. Wonderchild - Mary Black

Bonus Track
Secret of Living - Eleanor McEvoy, Mary Coughlan, Gemma Hayes,Hermione Hennessy, Sharon Shannon 

The “Woman’s Heart” concept, the biggest-selling indigenous Irish CD series of all time, is celebrating an astonishing two decades of top-selling albums and sell-out tours with a special 20th anniversary CD that includes tracks by all the original female Irish artists featured on the first CD, alongside some newer Irish talent. 

The new CD, entitled A Woman's Heart - 20th Anniversary Collection, includes tracks by Mary Black, Eleanor McEvoy, who wrote the title original track, Dolores Keane, Sharon Shannon, Maura O’Connell and Frances Black, all of whom featured on the iconic first “A Woman’s Heart” collection. They are joined by an eclectic mix of acclaimed Irish female artists who have emerged over the past two decades. These include Mary Coughlan, Gemma Hayes (with Liam Clancy), Michelle Ann Kelly, Imelda May (with Mary Black), Hermione Hennessy (daughter of the legendary Christy Hennessy), Lumiere (with Damien Dempsey), Sinead Lohan and one of Ireland’s bright new talents Noriana Kennedy.

The popularity of the Woman’s Heart concept still has widespread appeal as is evidenced by the two series of sell-out shows staged in Ireland this year. 20 years on from the release of the original album, Dolphin Music Group are delighted to issue a new collection. This new collection will feature artists from first and subsequent releases together with newcomers to the series. The 1992 collection A Woman's Heart went on to sell nearly a million copies worldwide. This is an extraordinary achievement by any standards for a small independent Irish record label. The album took up full-time residence in the Irish chart for more than a year, including over four months in the number one spot. The Irish stars featured on that album went on to achieve considerable international fame and their popularity continues to this day 

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