800 Voices - The Heartache And The Healing - Danny Ellis [CD]

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1. 800 Voices 
2. The Bold Christian Brothers 
3. When Tommy Bonner Sang 
4. The Treasures of The Sons 
5. On The Bus Back Home 
6. The Artane Boys Band 
7. Who Trew Da Boot? 
8. The Twist Within The Tweed
9. Excuses 
10. Music For A Friend
11. Kelly’s Gone Missin’ 
12. Summer Sandals 
13. Radio 
14. The Day I Left Artane
15. Innocence Back
Bonus Track Stolen Child

Late one night in December, 2001, while singing ad lib at my piano, I got the surprise of my life. Tired and alone, I let my guard down. Decades of protective layers fell from my soul, and for the first time, I allowed the abandoned child within me to express himself in a song. At first, his memories were overwhelming; my mother's betrayal, the loneliness, the brutality of Artane. But I knew I'd abandoned him like everyone else and it was time to bring him home. Later, song by song, the broader picture of my childhood emerged: The tomfoolery on the playground, the friendship and mischief, the blessing of music, and the astonishing courage of the lads. These songs changed me forever and for better. Now, the circle is complete; the adult reaching across the past to the lost child within saying: 'Hang in there kid, this is gonna work out fine.' - Danny Ellis

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