101 Country & Irish - Various Artists [5CD]

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Disc One
1 I ToldYou So Jimmy Buckley & Claudia Buckley 
2 Sam's Place Mick Flavin
3 FlowersOnTheWall TheThreeAmigos 
4 WillYouWalkWithMe IslaGrant
5 Louisiana Saturday Night Robert Mizzell 
6 When You Say Nothing At All Johnny McEvoy (with Alice McEvoy) 
7 Blanket On The Ground Philomena Begley 
8 Lost Love Paul Kelly (with Georgette Jones) 
9 Behind Closed Doors Brendan Quinn 
10 Mama He's Crazy Louise Morrissey 
11 The SpecialYears Hugo Duncan 
12 Marlena The Davitt Country Band 
13 WhenThe Sun Says GoodbyeToThe Mountain Susan McCann 
14 It's HardTo Be Humble TR Dallas 
15 Five Little Fingers FrankieMcBride 
16 TillATearBecomesARose CurtisMcGee(with ElaineWood) 
17 HelloDarlin' RolyDaniels 
18 EveryLittleThing JamesKilbane
19 Judy The Cotton Mill Boys 
20 Mrs Jones Patrick Feeney 

Disc Two 
1 TheWind OnThe Hill Pat McKenna 
2 The Old Rustic Bridge The Morrisseys
3 Ravishing Ruby Brendan Quinn
4 Before The Next Teardrops Fall Gene Stuart &The Mighty Avons
5 Pal Of My Cradle Days Sean Dunphy 
6. What I've Got In Mind Susan McCann
7 Always On My Mind Tony Kenny
8 Dance The Night Away Kenny Paul 
9 Sentimental Irish Sean Wilson
10 The Westmeath Bachelor Dermot O'Brien 
11 SomedayYou'll Call My Name Johnny McEvoy 
12 Foggy Mountain Breakdown The Cotton Mill Boys 
13 For The Good Times Sonny Knowles 
14 Paper Roses Tracy &The Grassroots 
15 My Lovely Rose Of Clare ChrisBall 
16 When We Danced To An Old Fashioned Tune Barleycorn
17 NorthToAlaska DermotO'Brien 
18 I Will Love You All My Life Roly Daniels 
19 You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore Johnny McEvoy
20 Wagon Wheel NaFianna

Disc Three
1 Galway Girl The Kilkennys
2 TBC Hugo Duncan
3 Partners In Rhyme Isla Grant with Johnny McEvoy
4 Back Home Again Brendan Quinn
5 Big Tom Is Still The King Susan McCann
6 Just Out of Reach Sonny Knowles
7 Dim Lights, Thick Smoke Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons
8 The Lisdoonvarna Polka Dermot O'Brien
9 King of The Road James Kilbane
10 Sentimental Old You Philomena Begley
11 Moonlight In Mayo Derek McCormack
12 Catch Me If You Can Chris Ball
13 The Wind Beneath My Wings Brendan Bowyer
14 When The Fields Are White With Dasies Sean Dunphy
15 Long Before Your Time Johnny McEvoy
16 These Tender Years Sean Wilson
17 Poor Poor Farmer Tim Pat
18 My Forever Friend Tony Kenny
19 Noreen Bawn D.J Curtin
20 The Golden Jubilee Chris Ball

Disc Four
1 The Cowboy Rides Away The Davitt Country Band
2 I Love Ireland Mick Flavin
3 Fraulein Paddy O'Brien
4 Going To California Johnny McEvoy (with Isla Grant) 
5 Bonaparte's Retreat Brendan Quinn 
6 The Oslo Waltz Mick Foster
7 Sentimental Old You Philomena Begley
8 Maggie Barleycorn
9 The Blacksmith Chris Ball
10 Top 40 The Cotton Mill Boys
11 The Sunset Years Of Life Big Tom & The Mainliners
12 The Isle Of Inisfree Patsy Watchorn 
13 You Gave Me A Mountain The Big 8
14 Help Me Make It Through The Night Sonny Knowles
15 Beautiful Meath Derek McCormack
16 What Colour Is The Wind Tony Kenny
17 Jambalaya Johnny McEvoy  
18 Make The World Go Away The Cotton Mill Boys
19 Going To San Antone Kenny Paul 
20 The Joyce Country Céilí Band Brendan Bowyer

Disc Five
1 Radio Lover Mick Flavin
2 Someone Is Looking For Somone Like You Susan McCann
3 My Woman, My Woman, My Wife Jimmy Buckley
4 So In Love Paul Kelly
5 Kiss An Angel Good Morning Kenny Paul
6 Las Vegas In The Hills Of Donegal Brendan Bowyer
7 Burning Bridges Frankie Mc Bride
8 Runaround Angel Johnny McEvoy
9 I Fall To Pieces Tracy & The Grassroots
10 Me & Bobby Mc Gee The Cotton Mill Boys
11 Daddy's Girl TR Dallas
12 A Bunch Of Violets Blue Big Tom & The Mainliners 
13 Tra La La La La Triangle Philomena Begley
14 Candle Light & Wine Barleycorn 
15 I'm Gonna Be A Country Boy Again Sean Dunphy 
16 Stand By Your Man Gloria
17 Any Old Town In Ireland Curtis McGee
18 Mammas Roses James Kilbane
19 It's Four In The Morning Brendan Quinn 
20 Who's Gonna Dance With Sally Ann Robert Mizzell
21 Medley / Please Release me/ Please Help Me I'm Falling/ The Davitt Country Band 

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