The Voice Within - Songs of Hope - Peter Corry, Una Gibney, Simon Casey & The Brennan Sisters [2CD + DVD]

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Disc 1
1. Whenever God Shines His Light – Peter Corry/Simon Casey/Una Gibney/The Brennan Sisters
2. Go The Distance - Peter Corry
3. Ideal World – Una Gibney
4. Scorn Not His Simplicity - Simon Casey 
5. Hand Me Down My Bible - The Brennan Sisters 
6. Gold In Them Hills - Una Gibney/Peter Corry 
7. Everybody Hurts - Simon Casey 
8. Hard Times - Peter Corry/Simon Casey/Una Gibney/The Brennan Sisters
9. A Voice of Hope - Peter Corry 
10. A Living Prayer - Una Gibney 

Disc 2
1. Glory Train - Peter Corry /Simon Casey
2. Grace of God - Simon Casey 
3. The Sun Is Burning - The Brennan Sisters 
4. Not Too Ordianry Day - Peter Corry 
5. Who’ll Stop The Rain - The Brennan Sisters/Simon Casey
6. Blue - Una Gibney 
7. Hope Is Born - Simon Casey 
8. Mary - The Brennan Sisters 
9. Nella Fantasia - Peter Corry 
10. You’re The Voice - Peter Corry/Simon Casey/Una Gibney/The Brennan Sisters and featuring Oisin Nolan

From the producers of the best-selling Voice of Hope CD and DVD comes the spectacular new inspirational double CD and DVD, The Voice Within – Songs of Hope. Filmed earlier this year at the INEC, Killarney, in front of a live audience, The Voice Within is the most expensive production ever filmed in Ireland for broadcast on the American channel PBS. Produced by Tony Deegan (Naked Camera) and directed by Patrick Cowap (The Late Late Show), the concept behind the concert is that while sadness and dark times are an intrinsic part of the human condition, the strength that exists within our hearts and souls – our inner voice – is what will guide us through to the light. The concert brings together the vocal talents of Belfast-based tenor Peter Corry, (Celebrity Jigs and Reels), Dublin model and singer, Una Gibney, (Michael Flatley’s Celtic Tiger), singer Simon Casey from Offaly (You’re a Star 2003), and the Brennan Sisters from Galway, (Sharon Shannon - Live at Dolan’s) backed by a 14-piece band and 70-voice choir.



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