REBELLION (with Proclamation) - Various Artists [3CD]

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James Connolly and Joseph Plunkett led their ragged army of Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizens Army up Abbey Street across Sackville Street (O'Connell Street) and took over the GPO. At noon Pearse read out the Proclamation of the Irish Republic on the steps of the GPO and declared Ireland free of British rule. A special recording of this Proclamation is featured in this 3 CD Anthology - Rebellion, together with narrations of other historical writings from that period, including poems from WB Yeats, Sean O’Casey and Pearse. This Centenary Commemorative Collection features many songs that were sung about Easter 1916 and together with other popular rebel ballads relating to the War of Independence, the Irish Civil War and previous Fenian Risings are featured on this comprehensive Collection. This 3 CD  Anthology gives voice to the debt of passion, righteous anger and shared vision of those who put their Nations freedom first.  

Disc 1
1. The Proclamation Of The Irish Republic (Narration) Bill Golding (Music) Finbar Furey 
2. The Foggy Dew Patsy Watchorn (The Dubliners)  
3. The Irish Soldier Boy Paddy Reilly  
4. The Winds Are Singing Freedom Barleycorn 
5. Grace Derek McCormack 
6. The Recruiting Sergeant The Black Brothers 
7. The Valley Of Knockanure Sean Dunphy 
8. God Save Ireland Barleycorn  
9. The Broad Black Brimmer Derek Warfield  
10. The Merry Ploughboy The Wolfe Tones 
11. Four Green Fields The Dublin City Ramblers  
12. The Rebel (P.H. Pearse - Poem) Ronnie Drew

Disc 2
1. Easter 1916 (W.B. Yeats - Poem) Bill Golding  
2. Only Our Rivers Run Free Paddy Reilly 
3. The Boys Of The Old Brigade Derek Warfield 
4. The Rose Tree (W.B. Yeats Poem)/The Ballad Of James Connolly Johnny McEvoy  
5. The British Army Ronnie Drew  
6. Kevin Barry Patsy Watchorn (The Dubliners)  
7. Mise Éire/Roisín Dubh (Air) Christy Sheridan  
8. On The One Road Barleycorn  
9. The Wind That Shakes The Barley Ann Byrne 
10. The Lonely Banna Strand The Wolfe Tones  
11. Drums Under The Window (Sean O'Casey) / Nora Johnny McEvoy  
12. A Nation Once Again Paddy Reilly

Disc 3
1. Connolly (Liam MacGabhann - Poem) Bill Golding Oh Where, Oh Where Is Our James Connolly The Black Family  
2. The Tri-Coloured Ribbon Derek Warfield 
3. Michael - The Ballad Of Michael Collins Johnny McEvoy  
4. Easter Time (Liam Tierney - Poem) Barleycorn 
5. Freedom Sons Barleycorn  
6. Irish Soldier Laddie Johnny McEvoy 
7. Tram Workers (Jim Larkin) Fair Isle Folk 8. Kilmainham Gaol (Narration) Ronnie Drew (Music) Finbar Furey 
9. Pearse’s Last Farewell Derek McCormack 
10. Come Out Ye Black And Tans Paddy Reilly  
11. The Soldier’s Song Derek Warfield 
12. Amhrán na bhFiann (Irish National Anthem) The Band Of An Garda Siochána

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