Johnny McEvoy - Into The Cauldron

1. Cold Prison Cell
2. My Fathers House
3. Three Score And Ten
4. Every Night I Dream Of being A Cowboy
5. Lincolns Army
6. Never Smelt The Roses
7. Sammy’s Bar
8. The Coast Of Malabar
9. Nancy Spain
10. Lay me down easy
11. The Bantry Girls lament
12. Warmth Of Her Arms
13. The Lusmagh Fields So Green
14. Peggy Gordan
15. Run Around Angel
Johnny has been described by many music commentators around the world as a living legend in Irish folk music and this Album “Into the Cauldron” secures this notion. Bill Shanley described Johnny as being “A very musical man, Just simply a very cool musician”. Johnny has played a much bigger part in the whole process of recording since he teamed up with Bill in 2014 and it has resulted in Johnny’s songs taking on a whole new lease of life which has helped bring his songs back to the mainstream around the world
In 2014 Johnny McEvoy sat down with Trad Nua and producer Bill Shanley with an idea to record 5 albums over 5 years. The idea was to record songs that Johnny had written but never recorded along with some old classics that he has been singing to his audiences around the world for over 50 years. This is the 3rd album in the series that Johnny and Bill Shanley have produced and is sure to please not only Johnny McEvoy fans but fans of Country Folk around the world. Some of the best musicians from around the world were invited to record on the album including the likes of Martin Ditcham, Jeff Young and James Blennerhassett to name a few and what a classic album it has turned out to be.
The first single from the album is a song written by Kevin Sheeran called “In My Father’s House”. Johnny picked this song as it was a song he said he really liked and he could identify with. He likes the sentiment of the song as it reminds him of when he was younger traveling to his granny’s house. Johnny: “It’s a song I wish I’d written myself”
“Into The Cauldron” features some new music from Johnny including “Cold Prison Cell” “lay Me Down Easy” and our pick at Trad Nua “Every night I Dream Of Being A Cowboy”. The album also features some old classics like “Nancy Spain”, “Three Score And Ten” and “Run Around angel.