Basement Sessions 2 - Johnny McEvoy


1. Hank
2. Tomb of the unknown Soldier
3. Crazy Horse
4. Out in The Night
5. Your So Far Away
6. Beyond The Morning Sun
7. When We Danced To An Old Fashioned Tune
8. The Coast Of New South Wales
9. I Wish I had Someone To Love Me
10. The Kingstown Disaster
11. You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore
12. I’ll Sing It Slow
13. The Shores Of Amerikay
14. The Dublin Fusiliers
15. My Old Boat

Ireland's Folk Legend Johnny McEvoy returns with this beautifully produced new album ' 
After the success of Basement Sessions in 2014 Johnny McEvoy is back 12 months later with Basement Sessions 2. At 70 years of age and a musical career spanning over 50 years there is no doubt that Johnny is one of Ireland's finest Folk Legends. This new album has 15 tracks, 13 of which are written by Johnny himself. The relationship between Johnny and producer Bill Shanley seems to be going from Strength to strength and its all very evident with this latest Studio session. Johnny has experimented more musically on this latest album including writing 7 new songs specifically for the project. 
The album is all about incidents and characters, songs about life, love, war and it even has song about a ghost story 'Out In The Night'. The opening track 'Hank' pays tribute to one of Johnny's idles, Hank Williams while the song 'Crazy Horse' pays tribute to one of the most notable and iconic Native American tribal leaders. Johnny has also revisited some of his earlier written songs like 'You Seldom Come To See Me Anymore' and 'Old Fashioned Tune'. There is something for everyone in this beautiful new album and will leave you with no doubt that Johnny is very much back at the top of his game. 
Johnny still has stories to tell. Still has something to say. So, sit back, listen and enjoy.