Stardust - The Stable Sessions CD & DVD - Shay Healy


1. Right Girl Comes
2. The Shitkicker's Waltz
3. Stardust
4. Butterfly 
5. Boop Boop Bedoo
6. What's Another Year 
7. Even If It's Only For A Minute 
8. Making Mountains Out Of Mohill
9. Gimme Some Gin 

Bonus Track
Take A Walk On The Northside 

Songwriter and Broadcaster Shay Healy’s first recorded album and DVD.
After 58 years in entertainment Shay Healy at 73 has finally decided to record and document some of his catalogue of songs in this fantastically produced live CD and DVD. Shay recorded 9 tracks live with some of Irelands leading and talented musicians over 3 days. The session showcases Shay as one of Irelands top writers and it includes tracks like “What’s Another Year” a song Shay wrote about his father, “Boop Boop Bedoo” a song Shay wrote for his son Oisín to let him know that he would always be there for him…. Shays Son is an emigrant in Australia. The song “Stardust” is a very moving song which is sure to strike a chord with everyone that’s hears it…. This is a song that Shay Healy could have written about himself.
Shay wrote all the songs apart from one that he co-wrote with Sean Devitt “Even If Its Only For A Minute” a song that urges people to stay in touch with elderly parents and friends that live alone. All the recordings have been filmed for DVD and is done in a documentary style. The Stable Session manages to give the viewer and the listener a little glimpse into the magic that is Shay Healy.